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Family+ Disinfection Grooming

Family+ Disinfection Grooming

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Step 1: Cabin Preparation
- Car cabin vacuuming
- Car mats vacuuming
- SONAX interior cabin cleaning 
- SONAX leather seats cleaning
- Interior windows cleaning

Step 2: Surface Sterilisation
- Steam-cleaning treatment for interior surfaces destroys all bacteria, fungi, and germs on contact at a high temperature

Step 3: Cabin Disinfection
- Fogging enables the disinfectant to access tight spaces and other hard-to-reach areas

Step 4: Cabin Protection
- Self-disinfecting anti-microbial coating on high touch points

Step 5: 3-in-1 Child Equipment Cleaning & Protection (2 Pieces)
- Vacuuming
- Steam cleaning
- Self-disinfecting anti-microbial coating application

Step 6: Exterior Car Wash
- SONAX snow foam wash
- Chemical rims cleaning
- Windows cleaning
- Fresh towel dry
- Premium tire shine

Recommended Add-on
Rain-X for water repelling effects to improve visibility, safety and driving comfort! Rain-X will be applied on windscreen and side mirrors.
- Bottle of Anti-Microbial Self-Disinfectant Coating for self application.

Price List
Sedan Car Size: $238
SUV Car Size: $264
MPV Car Size: $290

For urgent requests & group sign ups, kindly drop us a DM via WhatsApp!

Terms & Conditions
1. This service is only valid on mainland Singapore. Additional charges applies for services conducted on offshore islands, eg. Sentosa.
2. Additional $10 flat fee is applicable to sessions conducted at non-residential carparks. Approval must be sought from building's management.
3. Vehicles parked at surface car parks are required to shift the vehicle to a sheltered car park to facilitate the car grooming.
4. The duration of each session is approximately 90 - 120 minutes, kindly cater sufficient buffer time for your next appointment.
5. Not valid for van/lorry/pick ups, or any vehicles categorised as good vehicles.

6. Child equipment includes car seat, booster seat, stroller.
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