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Self Disinfectant Coating

Self Disinfectant Coating

SANI COAT Anti Microbial Coating (90 days efficacy)

SANI series hand sanitisers and disinfectants are one of the most recognisable and trustworthy brands during this pandemic. 

Products such as Sani-Kleen is a widely used rinse-free hand spray sanitiser, while Sani-Free hand pump sanitiser is placed at the entrances of most public spaces.

Sani Coat is a high-performance self-disinfecting coating with an antimicrobial active agent that neutralises germs that come in contact with the treated surfaces. Made with a US-EPA approved antimicrobial active ingredient, it is eco-friendly and safe for use.

It is employed at public spaces with high touch points, such as elevator buttons, touch screens and ATMs, as reported by Straits Times and Channel News Asia.

We are using similar self disinfecting anti microbial coating for our interior grooming.

Self-disinfecting coating will be applied on the following high touch points:

- Steering wheel
- Horn
- Signal Indicator
- Wiper stick
- Door handles
- Window switches
- Infotainment panel
- Rear view mirror
- Glove compartment handle
- Air-condition ventilation
- Seat belt buckle
- Handbrake level
- Arm rest

Please do not scratch anti microbial treated surfaces with sharp objects.

For urgent requests & group sign ups, kindly drop us a DM via WhatsApp!

Terms & Conditions
1. This service is only available at Cars Collective's office, 22 New Industrial Road, PRIMAX, #05-02, Singapore 538208.
2. Customers are advised to remove personal items prior to the service.
3. Boxes will be provided for customers to temporarily store their personal items.
4. The duration of each session is approximately 40 minutes, kindly cater sufficient buffer time for your next appointment.
5. In case of no show by customer, a replacement will be arranged based on the next best available time slot.
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