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Mobile Car Grooming

Q: What type of grooming services do you provide?
A: We offer 2 types mobile grooming service, scheduled HDB Car Wash at selected estates, as well as various 1 time car grooming services, such as FAMILY+ Disinfection GroomingInterior & Exterior Grooming.

Q: What's the difference between HDB Car Wash and other grooming services?
A: HDB Car Wash is available in selected HDB estates, whereas other grooming services are available islandwide.

Q: Where do you operate and what are the operating hours?

HDB Car Wash Other Grooming Services
Operating Day Daily
*except Sundays & PHs
*except Sundays & PHs
Operating Hours 5pm to 11:45pm 11am to 8pm

Pasir Ris

Availability Scheduled Wash By Appointment

Q: What are the non-wash days
A: HDB car wash will not be carried out during these dates.

 January 2023 New Year's Day
22 - 24 January 2023 Chinese New Year
7 April 2023 Good Friday
22 April 2023 Hari Raya Puasa
1 May 2023 Labour Day
3 June 2023 Vesak Day
29 June 2023 Hari Raya Haji
9 August 2023 National Day
12 - 13 November 2023 Deepavali
25 December 2023 Christmas Day
*subject to changes

Q: I've signed up for HDB car wash. What time do I need to park my car?
A: Simply park your car at the carpark by 11:45pm for the car wash to be carried out successfully.

Q: Do I need to inform anyone once I'm home?
A: While it is not compulsory, we appreciate if you're able to tell us where you've parked. Eg. Deck 5A, Lot 222.

Q: I'm going away for a staycation, do I need to inform that the car will not be around?
A: While it is not compulsory, we appreciate if you're able to let us know in advance.

Q: Do I need to shift my car to a car washing bay for grooming?
A: For HDB car wash, you do not have to shift your car to the washing bay as we bring our own equipment. For other grooming services, we may request your car to be shifted in order to facilitate the grooming session. Our crew will advise you on that.

Q: Do I need to be around for the grooming session?
A: You do not have to be around for the grooming session.

Q: What happens if I've missed my scheduled car wash?
A: There will not be any deduction for missed wash. The wash count will be rolled over to the following week, and this will continue until your wash package finishes or expires. See below for examples.

HDB Car Wash Singapore

Q: My car was parked at the carpark but why do I still miss the wash?
A: Drop us a message if this happens to you way too frequently. Otherwise, please refer to this page to to learn why.

Q: I’ve changed my car. Can I transfer my remaining wash sessions to my new car?
A: Drop us a message to update your vehicle's information. Additional charges may apply if you are transferring your package to a car from the bigger car category. Refer to our Car Classification List to find out your car size.

Q: Can I transfer my package to my neighbour?
A: Car wash packages are not transferable.

Q: I own a van with a private car licence plate, am I able to sign up for car washing packages?
A: Currently, our car wash services are only available for passenger cars.

Q: Will there be scratches from the wash?
A: We use fresh cloth and water on every car. This eliminates any possible dirt particles transfer between vehicles.

Q: I have coating on my car. Is your wash solution suitable?
A: We use MightyWash Wash & Wax solution for all washes. The solution is safe to use on all car surfaces.

Q: I would like to terminate my wash package.
A: For cancellations and refunds, please see Terms of Service for more details.

Q: I do not stay at the estates that you operate at, can I drive there for the car wash?
A: It is not recommended as our crew shuttle around different carparks. You may sign up for our Exterior Wash car wash service, which is available islandwide.


Q: What are the operating hours?
A: Our office operating hours is from 10am to 6pm.

Q: What other services do you provide?
A: Apart from providing car grooming services, we also provide COE renewal, insurance renewal, buying, selling and consignment of vehicles.


Q: How can I contact you?
Facebook: www.fb.com/WashCollectiveSG
Instagram: @washcollective.sg
Email: wash@carscollective.sg

Main Office:
22 New Industrial Road
Singapore 536208


Q: What are the available modes of payment?
A: We accept Master, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, PayNow, take your pick!

Q: How do I make payment via PayNow?
A: Follow these steps for making payment via PayNow.

Q: I've made payment, when does my wash begin?
A: For scheduled HDB car wash, you'll receive a confirmation SMS sent to your registered mobile number with your 1st car wash date within 3 working days. For other grooming services, our crew will contact you to arrange for an appointment.