Improved Tire Shine

Improved Tire Shine

*Update: We received enquiry on the retail sale of the tire shine to use on motorcycles and PMDs. We are waiting for the reply from our supplier and will update once we have more information.

Improved Tire Shine

Great news!

We have made improvement to our tire shine. This new batch of tire shine leaves a deeper shine, has a more consistent finish and it last 10 times longer (100km) compared to the old tire shine. Below are some examples (zoom in to see the difference).

Wash Collective Tire Shine Singapore(left: old tire shine/right: new tire shine)

Wash Collective Tire Shine Singapore
(left: new tire shine/right: old tire shine)

Wash Collective Tire Shine 3(before tire shine)

 Wash Collective Tire Shine 4(after tire shine)

 Wash Collective Tire Shine 5(tire up close)

How much does it cost?

Wash Collective Meme

Wash Collective Tire Shine

You heard us the first time. No additional cost!

We are always on the lookout to bring better quality products and services to our customers. Look forward to longer lasting tire shine on your car at no additional cost.

All neighbourhood will be using the new tire shine by the end of August 2019. 

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